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Louis Vuitton Womens Shoes

Louis Vuitton womens shoes offer some of the most exquisite designs on the market. What makes his designs so unique is the monogram print he incorporates into the majority of his designs. Much like his incredible handbags, Louis Vuitton shoes, are recognized by their detailed prints, outstanding patterns and quality designs.

Who is Louis Vuitton ?

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Louis Vuitton: In Vogue for More Than a Century

If you want to use the luxury fashion products of a classic and traditional brand, look no further than Louise Vuitton Mallettier, popularly known as Louise Vuitton or in more shortened form LV. It has been in business for 154 years. The company is famous for its stylish and trendy travelling bags and cases. No need to say that the company has managed to tide over changing fashion trends over the years by blending the traditional values and styles with contemporary fashion. It is understandable from its successful existence for one and a half century.


Louis Vuitton Mallettier was founded by Louis Vuitton, the pioneering French fashion designer, in Paris in 1854. He was born in a poor family. At the age of 14, he made a 400-kilometer journey to Paris from his hometown by foot. This journey taught him the requirements of the travellers. Later when he became familiar with the fashion needs of the socially elite, a new brand of designer traveller bags and cases was born.


The Louis Vuitton products are famous for their durability, ease of use and stylish designs. In fact, it is immensely popular such that it said to be the most counterfeited fashion brand in the world.

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